Monday, January 10, 2011

On Top of Old Baldy

This fall we took our annual trip to Garner State Park near Uvalde. This time was very special because my granddaughter, Iris was with us. She told me later how she loved to camp and would like to live out here in the woods. We saw lots of wildlife including skunks, skunks and more skunks! During the night we were surrounded by them. Large, or small we had all sizes. Iris's dog, Kinggers was smartly very demur and everyone was simpatico every night. Live and let live. One day everyone climbed to the top of Baldy except Iris and I. We had fun doing other stuff. But after the trip I painted this piece for the climbers.

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Studio Zanne said...

I enjoy the way the windswept tree is stubbornly rooted at the side of the hill overlooking the valley...very dramatic. Nice work, Mike!!!