Wednesday, January 6, 2010

Fall Shadows ~ Grey Rock Golf Club

I have been messing with this painting for a couple of years. Every now and then I drag it out, whip on it a little until I get tried, then I put it back until next time. I suppose we need to be reminded how hard this painting thing is for most people. However, this time I took a different approach. Throwing caution to the wind, I decided to lower my expectations and have a little color fest, what the heck! And I really like the results. So I guess I can leave this one in the light out of hiding in the closet. Poor thing it just needed an little infusion of FUN, sound familiar? Maybe you should relax and have more fun, too.

Edgar Payne ~ My Rendition

Many times artists copy the work of other artists they admire as an exercise, sort of like doing pushups or going to the driving range and hitting wedges for 2 hours. The main benefit that comes from painting someone else's work for fun and practice is you usually end up with a pretty nice little painting. Now I have done this and even sold them to other people but only after I attribute the original artist and make it clear that I have created a rendition of another's work. I have always admired Edgar Payne and I painted one of his paintings for practice. Golly, it was almost like having a lesson from Mr. Payne. Thanks very much, pro!

Hill Country Trail - oil on Ampersand board

I have been working in oils lately and have enjoyed learning more about the surface treatment. There are several reasons why a particular piece appeals to certain people. The subject, composition, color, size, price and surface treatment. Or as some people say "how you handle the paint". This particular piece is a familiar subject and composition, but the use of the media (in this case oil paint) is the attraction for me to this scene.